Barney Fife was a player

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 3, 1999

grandma said I wasted the whole afternoon watching black and white TV but I said the Andy Griffith show is not actually black and white it’s more like sepia colored. (She’s always surprised when I know something like that.) Then she said I should go out and play and I told her the last person who went out to play was Oapie and one day when he went out to play, he accidentally killed a little bird and he felt terrible about it.

She said she liked Barney Fife, and I said, oh so you don’t mind that Barney was a player? and she said what are you talking about? and I said he sometimes calls Juanita at the diner and asks her on a date in the exact same episode when he was earlier talking about Thelma Lou. She said I guess you’re right, I never noticed that.

I notice everything. Sometimes I notice so much that it wears me out as much as if I did go outside to play.


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