He’s on fire

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 18, 2008

So weird to see the photo now because the rest of us are goin along our merry ways — thinkin only about marshmallows — while Sammy’s lap is on fire.

Even Nicky didn’t notice it until after he took the picture. He started screamin bloody murder. Sammy didn’t even know why Nicky was screamin for a while. I think Sammy musta been good and drunk, seein’s how he didn’t even feel the burn till it was pointed out to him that he was on fire.

He was blistered up all right, all under the black part of his blue jeans but I took someone else’s word for it, not wantin to get that good a look for myself. We didn’t have a first aid kit or any kind of sunburn cream, which I wouldn’ta wanted to rub on him anyway. Nicky said he read somewhere that raspberry jelly soothes a sunburn but we had none of that of course. Nicky said the only other thing he read that would help is tea, so we poured Ellen’s iced tea on a towel and made Sammy hold it up to his


Original image: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/WtsIG21XvK-EVxWDFhu-_A
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