Yes you WERE less cool

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 28, 2007

After we watched ‘Mad Men’ i told dad maybe people at school would think i’m cooler if i dress like 1960 instead of 2007 but then he said i’m already cool enough. i said as i usually say to him you don’t get it then he tried to convince me he wasn’t cool when he was my age and i said yeah, yeah, yeah whatev. Seriously his family had a real backyard with a swimming pool and everyone says they had great parties there and if we had a party here in our apartment we could invite about three people if they all promised to stand up straight. He said if i promised to never ever speak of it again he’d prove that i’m now cooler than he was then and he went to his bedroom and brought me this picture. OK he wins because even i am cooler than he was dancing


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