’80s hair back in the ’40s

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 30, 1988

constantly hounding me about my hair. Saying that my hairspray is going to ruin the Ozone layer. Saying why did my generation have to invent big tall hair?

Excuse me, I say. Hairspray was invented in the 1950s. Ha. And if I invented tall hair, how do you explain this picture of Grandma Rose with tall hair — taken in the 1940s? Ha.

Well, she says. At least your Grandma Rose didn’t use hairspray in an aerosol can. She used pomade.

So I looked up pomade in the dictionary. Which says “a perfumed oil to put on the hair to make it shiny and manageable.” Sure. I mean yeah. If you put oil in your hair you might get more shininess than you bargained for.


Original image: http://www.squareamerica.com/search/?tag=1940s
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