Sinatra beat me to it

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 24, 1966

Frank Sinatra is older than I am and he gets to marry the 21-year-old starlet of Peyton Place? I was just as good looking. I had the charming act down at an early age. I was just as good of a singer. But my timing was rotten. I came along too late and they didn’t need two of us. Just him. In the ’50s, I had people say that to me: ‘You look too much like Sinatra. You sure can sing, but it would be confusing.’

First Frank marries Ava Gardner of Hollywood and I marry Dorothy Miller of Bakersfield. Then Frank gets divorced and marries Mia Farrow and spends his Saturday nights eating and dancing at a swanky supper club with a cute little pixie of a girl who worships him. I get divorced and sit at home alone on Saturday nights watching Get Smart. If I were rich and famous, I could be dating the actress who plays Agent 99.


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