Corn palaces are not what they used to be

Handwritten page of a diary dated January 26, 1949

finally got some pictures developed and as it turns out, the house where he’s staying is even better than the way he described it. It looks like a house in a foreign country (which I guess it is, being in Italy and all) and he gets to live in it for three weeks. He wouldn’t even appreciate it as much as a person like me, who’s never once got to leave the state of Nebraska.

Once my grandfather said he’d take me to the Corn Palace in South Dakota. Then he said no because that one is not as nice as the corn palaces they used to have in Sioux City Iowa when he was a kid. So we might as well not bother with such a long drive. But now that he got a new Chevrolet Fleetmaster I hope he might change his mind.


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