Storm is brewing

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 4, 2009

then we found the coolest spot in the history of campouts but Jason’s mom kept texting him to come home, so he finally said let’s go and i said no im staying, he said alone? seemed like an ok idea then, but now the clouds are weirding me out. on one side its fine and on the other side it looks like a storm is coming to eat me up. but im staying. otherwise i get to go home and hear my mom saying STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER AND GET DOWN HERE AND MAKE YOUR GOOD CHOCOLATE CAKE OR WE’RE HAVING RICE KRISPIE TREATS AGAIN. yeah my GOOD choc cake is from a box w/frosting from a can but to her its a gourmet treat. i keep saying mom youre a lawyer we can afford to buy a cake from a bakery or hire a lady to make the good rice krispie treats instead of those nasty packaged ones. she says times are hard we have to save in case i lose my job. riIIIght. shes a divorce lawyer and people are not gonna stop getting divorced any time this century.

oh well if it starts raining the tent will protect my laptop.


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