Don’t worry, be happy

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 24, 1989

too loud to sleep. Pulled on my pants and stumbled in the dark out to the balcony to breathe some of that weird air you get in a storm.

One of the lightning strikes was so close it startled me. Must’ve gasped a little, because a voice from the balcony below me said “don’t worry” and I was pretty embarrassed that a female was more calm than I was. So after she said “don’t worry” I said “be happy.” She laughed. A relief for me. We joked about how tired we were of that song being on the radio all the time. Then she explained that the reason we shouldn’t be worried is that our apartment building has lightning rods. Not sure why she knew that and I didn’t, although it makes sense. I’ve noticed that room on the roof and wondered if air traffic controllers were up there.

The storm ended but we talked into the night. I kept wondering if I should tell her I’m married. Today I looked on her mailbox and found out she’s married too.

Uh oh.


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