Glops between the toes

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 29, 1973

don’t know why she was smiling — her feet were COATED with wet muddy sand. I would die if my feet were coated in mud. And Mom LAUGHED. I said you are not letting her get in the car like that are you? Mom said reLAX, she can take two steps over to the water and rinse it off.

I said I’m taking a picture of your feet and you will DIE when you see what it looked like. So I got it developed and showed it to her, but she LIKED it!!! She took the negative and had it made into a poster and she hung it in our room above her bed. Now I have to look at it every day and it gives me a hurling feeling. And I told her if I hurl, I will make sure to aim for HER PILLOW. (She shouldn’t put it past me.)


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