Through the blinding snow

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 20, 1978

that kind of snow that whips you in the face like a knife — and I had to walk all the way home in it. That’s the first bad news.

The first good news is that when I finally got home a letter had arrived from Danny.

Next bad news: the mailman had left the mailbox open and a bunch of snow had gotten in and the ink had smeared Danny’s letter.

Next good news: one of the sentences I could read clearly was his new phone number.

Next bad news: he wasn’t home when I called.

Next good news: there was an answering machine on that phone.

Next bad news: the answering machine message had the voice of a female (sounded like a fox) so I hung up quickly.

Next good news: Not even 60 seconds later the phone rang and it was him wanting to say he thought he wrote the wrong number in the letter and he wanted to make sure we could talk because he wanted to see me.

Next bad news: he has a broken leg and can’t drive, so if I want to see him I have to drive up to Woodstock.

So now I’m about to get back into my wet coat and wet boots to shovel my car out of a snowdrift.


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