Come as you are

Handwritten page of a diary dated September 16, 1989

and his parents were in town. Unexpectedly. Wanted to take us out to eat. Meet me for the first time.

What should we wear? He shrugged. He didn’t know, just wanted to leave right then. I was wearing jeans and flip-flops, but he was already in the car. Honking. Grabbed a beaded cardigan and some dressy flat shoes in case we went somewhere nice.

Somewhere nice? Understatement. I was mortified. Stood in the lobby freaking out. Took aside his mom. Offered to drive home and change. She said ‘not necessary.’ Said they’re not those kind of uptight people who care what others think. Said if she’s going to pay that much money for dinner, we can wear flannel pajamas and bunny slippers if we want to.

How much do I love her? Wow.


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