The road to Hatch

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 24, 2009

had to go to the bathroom and we hadn’t seen a rest stop for a long time, so she finally agreed to go behind a bush. She got back and saw the sign about the burros. She asked me if I’d seen the sign. She said ‘you let me wander around here when I might get BITTEN?’ Once she was safely in the car, she decided she wanted to see a burro, so she insisted we sit there. I said, ‘Uh, it’s getting a little hot in here’ but she said ‘don’t even think about opening a window.’ Then she didn’t say anything for a long time till she asked me why I didn’t get air conditioning in my car and then she said she didn’t think they should’ve capitalized the word highway on the sign. Then I asked her if we could get going and she said she didn’t think harass was the right spelling and that she was almost positive it should have two Rs AND two Ss. She said when we reached Hatch, we should find a library so we could look it up. Luckily she forgot about it after we saw the giant people on the roof at Sparky’s, which she’d been thinking about because someone told her it has the best hamburgers in the


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