Strong essences may linger

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 28, 1987

they coulda just as well said no. I was a complete stranger wanting to go in their apartment and up to the cupola. Not the first time I’ve gotten what I wanted after someone hears I’m already a widow at my age. I told them my husband grew up in this house and used to sleep up there, and I wanted to see if I could get any sensation of him that might still be in that room.

I thought it was possible because once I got a tour of a Coast Guard ship that used to belong to Hitler. I stood in the state room where Hitler stayed when he was onboard. I tell you what, there are still creepy vibes floating around in there.

Same with the cupola, only in a good way. It was shabby. Just a torn-up overstuffed chair and a telescope. Gabe didn’t appear to me fully fleshed out like he would’ve if it was a TV show, but I could still kinda feel him up there so I stayed a good coupla hours. Almost forgot someone lived there till I smelled their dinner cooking. When I went down, they invited me to eat with them. I said no, they’d already been too kind, but they insisted on sending me away with a hot meat loaf sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie.


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