‘Absolutely anything goes’

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 1, 2003

in a new city. I’d been hearing about this parade for months, and everyone said ‘Dress as wild as you possibly can.’  ‘ It’s like Paris in the early 1900s.’ ‘ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING GOES.’

So I did it, I made a costume with big feathers, silver boots, fishnets and not much else.

Turns out ‘anything goes’ was an exaggeration. A GIANT exaggeration. I’ve never been stared at like that. Embarrassment might’ve been the worst part of the day, but oh wait, no, it was being arrested for indecent exposure!!!!!!!!!


Original image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/veganwarrior/2638139903/sizes/o/in/photostream/
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