Deluxe Van Dyke

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 19, 1993

since Dad died. We were looking through a box of his papers (because Sam next door said there was an off chance we’d find something valuable). One thing we did find was this advertisement cut from the newspaper. Turns out that all that Ringo facial hair he had in pictures from the ’70s was probably fake.

To be nice, I said it looked like, instead of just checking one of the color boxes, he must’ve followed the instructions that say “or send a hair sample” because it really matched his hair. Jackie said, yeah, and the guy in the advertisement picture shoulda done that too because he has blonde hair and he glued on the black set. Then she said, “What’s a Van Dyke?” and I told her it’s what Kurt Cobain has on his face and she said, “Oh, a goatee.”

Then she went in her room and turned on her Nirvana tape for the rest of the night. Loud. And Dad wasn’t even there to stop her.


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