Chocolate bunny suit

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 11, 1977

I thought I’d show up and he’d be able to go out discoing with me, like old times.

But it’s Easter tomorrow, he says, which is news to me … but, so what?

He says we have to decorate, which sounds to me like a quick thing, hide a few eggs after his kids go to bed and we’re outa here, right?

His wife comes in with a bunch of brown furry cloth and says she needs more time to sew the duck’s chocolate bunny suit, so she wants us to go out and string the lights. Lights? Is this Xmas? But indeedy, she has a string of lights shaped and colored like Easter eggs and we’re out there in the yard and I say, hey, don’t kids search for eggs in the morning, when the sun’s out? He says, well, they get very excited and they get up early. Barely dawn.

Wait a minute, did she say the chocolate bunny suit is for a duck?


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