Should Mom go bungee jumping?

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 2, 1989

so I said “damn it Janet” and my mom said “you say that all day long. Go for a walk”

So I went for a walk and I saw the most bizarre sight ever. A crane was lifting a dummy up in the air, and don’t ask me why because I do not know.

When it got higher it looked more like a real person so when a guy from my school walked by I said, “that’s my mother up there” and he said “NOT” and I said “I’m not kidding you in any way shape or form compadre, that is my ma”

Ha ha ha. He believed it and an older guy walked up and looked too and I said “my ma didn’t know if she’d like bungee jumping or not so she talked that crane guy into letting her be hoisted to get a taste of the dizzying heights” and the stranger laughed but the guy I know said “yeah it’s really his mom”

I yelled “hang in there Ma” and the stranger asked me what’s her first name and I made up the name Mary Lou, so he was yelling “Hang in there Mary Lou” and then a few other people gathered and yelled up to her and I was thinking what a master I am.

But then they started hoisting down the dummy so of course I decided it might be time for me to make myself scarce before they see it wasn’t exactly a human being


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