Lose the red cowboy hat

Handwritten page of a diary dated December 3, 2002

but people should take pride in their jobs. No matter what.

Almost all of them wear sneakers now, which is not Santa-like at all. Come on. Hardly any of them wear fur around their hats, and most of their tops looks like comfortable robes or track jackets.

I hardly ever talk to any of these types when I see them on the street because I’m afraid I’ll get in a fight and they’ll think they can take me since they’re younger. But today I had to. A red cowboy hat? That will not fly in these parts. I stopped and tried to tell him that in a calm voice and he ignored me. He and his friend (in their hundred dollar sneakers, as if Santa would wear those up in the N.P.) just kept talking between themselves.

So I said louder “if you care about the children at all you will take off that inappropriate head gear OR if you like funny hats, then become a CLOWN.” And that’s when they


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