Even hotties get old

Handwritten page of a diary dated Feb. 18, 1999

and she walks too slow at the mall he said.

I said I tell you what, she’s 84 years old and what’s the big hurry?

When we got home I decided to show him a picture of my ma that was taken during WW2. He said that is not her. And I said sure it is Pal.

He said why is she laying on her tablecloth? I said that’s not her tablecloth. It’s her bedspread. He said do you think it’s almost noon or almost midnight? Is that an aquarium by the old radio? Had she met great grandpa yet? Who took the picture? Do you think when I’m old they could invent something so I won’t walk so slow at the mall and forget where I put my keys?

Then he said it’s SO NOT FAIR that hotties have to turn into old people. I said you’re not kidding — have you seen a picture of me wearing go go boots? He said he’d seen enough for one day but I found it anyway and warned him to hold on to his hat.


Original image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/trialsanderrors/4388953921/in/photostream/
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