Put your children in the haunted hall

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 14, 2005

didn’t understand why she posed them way back there and asked me to take a picture in that ugly spot, but then I saw the picture, and couldn’t believe what a bad job I did. Two of the cutest children in the whole of God’s creation and I managed to make them look as if they’re the sisters in “The Shining.” And I somehow made Sylvie look like her eyes are scary rosy pink instead of blue.

I hoped she’d laugh when she saw the picture, but she just said “Ahhhh.”

I said sorry, and she said “No, it’s not you. People have been saying for years there’s a ghost in that hall of that movie theater and sometimes children pick up on it.”

Then she said Lacy is looking to her side as if she’s transfixed with some spirit, and I said yeah, I think she sees the weird spirit who left that smudge on the back wall.


Original image: http://picasaweb.google.com/jgoble05/Leave2010#5437495834724511170
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