Stop staring at me

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 13, 2002

reached this spot in the recording with these creepy eyes, and it got stuck there. It has been this way for days. I turn on the TV and there they are. The eyes. Staring at me.

Sometimes I get home from work and I am so desperate to be distracted by the TV that I sit and stare back at him. His eyes are not symmetrical at all. I read somewhere that most people’s are not perfectly symmetrical, but the more symmetrical yours are, the more attractive you are considered. This guy will not win any beauty pageants.

The longer I leave it on, the more disturbed I get. When Raoul comes over I tell him I might just throw the whole TV out the window someday because I have not thought of any other way out. He says you could just call the repair guy. Good thing Raoul was still clearheaded from not having stared at the eyes too long.


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