Handwritten page of a diary dated February 22, 1986

and I told her she shouldn’t walk around all day saying “woo-hoo” as if she invented it or something. She said she DID invent that phrase! But I told her “Jennifer, people have been saying that for a long time” and she said “I doubt that.”

I told her I thought I saw it on an album cover once and she said again how very much she doubted it. But really, I went through every one of my mom’s old albums. Then I went through every one of Uncle Ken’s albums, which took about an entire afternoon. Then came the WOO-HOO jackpot at Aunt Karen’s house in her record collection.

Today in school Mrs. Kass in the office let me Xerox Aunt Karen’s album cover since I told her it was for a school project — which it kind of was for a school project because when I got up in homeroom during the “sharing” part, I passed these out so everyone would know the history of WOO-HOO.

Now everyone is calling Jennifer Rock-a-Teen, and she has vowed that I will be very very sorry I did this.


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