Searching for bunk beds

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 2, 1992

another scavenger hunt? Are you kidding?

He sends me all over town and I’m not kidding, he spared no expense of money or time. And then, huh? bunk bed. We don’t even have bunk beds. I go to the furniture store near our house and — nothing. Then I remember his friend Max, who has a furniture store in a town HALF AN HOUR FROM HERE! I said NO WAY and gave up and went back to the Gold Dragon for potstickers and then to the Y for a couple of laps around the pool.

After that, drying my hair, I started to get curious. Thought hmm, maybe it really was a good gift this time since he made up a much MUCH more elaborate scavenger hunt than he normally does. So I drove to Max’s store and yup, there he was on the top bunk of a bed, with flowers and a


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