Gift-giving counselor

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 2, 1999

all started the first year we were together. I got him a train ticket to Springfield so he could see the Basketball Hall of Fame — and he got me a Thighmaster. We had our first fight over the Thighmaster.

So Bianca said we needed a gift counselor, and she volunteered to be it.

The next year I gave him the boxed Led Zeppelin CD set and he gave me Vanna White’s book about crocheting afghans. I said I don’t even crochet. He said, but you like Wheel Of Fortune, and Bianca said I should observe you and see what you like and last week you watched Wheel of Fortune. I said, I was stirring something on the stove and I couldn’t get in the other room to turn the channel.

Bianca got more specific and told him it should be something I actually SAY that I want. But just because I said I needed a shovel and it happened to be three days before my birthday does not mean it’s ok to give that to me as a gift. This had better be a giant practical joke and when I open the shovel tomorrow, there had better be something amazing in there, attached to the shovel in some way.


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