Nuns packing guns

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 25, 1978

I looked around at my family shoving turkey in their mouths and I said “this must be THE most boring family anywhere west of the Mississippi.” A couple of them said SHUT UP but Uncle George smiled and said “I beg to differ” then he starts listing things that people in this family have done.

He said “we’ll start with your Aunt Mary” and I said “she’s a nun how could she do anything interesting?” so he leaves his plate and goes to get a picture of her with some other nuns and I can’t believe my eyes.

I say “these nuns are like Charlie’s Angels except none of them has great hair” and Uncle George says “THAT WE KNOW OF” and I say “and they talk to a guy they can’t see only it’s not Charlie — it’s God. And they don’t talk to God on a speakerphone” and Uncle George says “THAT WE KNOW OF”


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