I’ll find her if it takes all day

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 26, 1974

because it looked empty and it was on the dumpster, I thought maybe someone meant to throw it out. But I don’t think so. There were a few things in there, including a framed picture of a pretty girl and an ugly girl with their arms around each other’s necks and just smiling away like they both didn’t have the dumbest hairdos of their entire lives.

AND a book called Dibs, which I had read myself a few years back, about this mute boy and people thought he was practically brainless, but he turns out to be some kind of genius. Except the bookmark was only a little way through.

Also — almost $30 which I sure coulda used in a big way — except I myself lost my own billfold once and I remember how bad that felt so I really wanted to find the person and make her day and also make sure she finished reading till the end of the book.


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Stop staring at me

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 13, 2002

reached this spot in the recording with these creepy eyes, and it got stuck there. It has been this way for days. I turn on the TV and there they are. The eyes. Staring at me.

Sometimes I get home from work and I am so desperate to be distracted by the TV that I sit and stare back at him. His eyes are not symmetrical at all. I read somewhere that most people’s are not perfectly symmetrical, but the more symmetrical yours are, the more attractive you are considered. This guy will not win any beauty pageants.

The longer I leave it on, the more disturbed I get. When Raoul comes over I tell him I might just throw the whole TV out the window someday because I have not thought of any other way out. He says you could just call the repair guy. Good thing Raoul was still clearheaded from not having stared at the eyes too long.


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ZZ Top is righteous

Handwritten page of a diary dated January 26, 1983

only the MOST RIGHTEOUS CONCERT I’ve ever been to!!!!! The light show alone made it worth the drive to Springfield. Dude. There was one time I felt like I was inside a TV while a video game was being played on it.  A laser beam was born inside me and I said “Aloha laser” and it reached out on either side of me into an awesome humongous semicircle of … laserness.


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Put your children in the haunted hall

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 14, 2005

didn’t understand why she posed them way back there and asked me to take a picture in that ugly spot, but then I saw the picture, and couldn’t believe what a bad job I did. Two of the cutest children in the whole of God’s creation and I managed to make them look as if they’re the sisters in “The Shining.” And I somehow made Sylvie look like her eyes are scary rosy pink instead of blue.

I hoped she’d laugh when she saw the picture, but she just said “Ahhhh.”

I said sorry, and she said “No, it’s not you. People have been saying for years there’s a ghost in that hall of that movie theater and sometimes children pick up on it.”

Then she said Lacy is looking to her side as if she’s transfixed with some spirit, and I said yeah, I think she sees the weird spirit who left that smudge on the back wall.


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Even hotties get old

Handwritten page of a diary dated Feb. 18, 1999

and she walks too slow at the mall he said.

I said I tell you what, she’s 84 years old and what’s the big hurry?

When we got home I decided to show him a picture of my ma that was taken during WW2. He said that is not her. And I said sure it is Pal.

He said why is she laying on her tablecloth? I said that’s not her tablecloth. It’s her bedspread. He said do you think it’s almost noon or almost midnight? Is that an aquarium by the old radio? Had she met great grandpa yet? Who took the picture? Do you think when I’m old they could invent something so I won’t walk so slow at the mall and forget where I put my keys?

Then he said it’s SO NOT FAIR that hotties have to turn into old people. I said you’re not kidding — have you seen a picture of me wearing go go boots? He said he’d seen enough for one day but I found it anyway and warned him to hold on to his hat.


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