We’ll need more sugar

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 5, 2008

and I think Bernice already started to make the wedding cake for me (whoops, I should say for US since the reason she’s making it is because she is Freddie’s next-door neighbor). But then I saw the cake this Nigerian couple had. Her dress is OK but not as pretty as mine so really — think about how beautiful MY cake would be with my dress as pretty as it is. That bride doesn’t even look happy to cut into herself, but I WOULD be happy because my guests would be able to bite into my pretty pretty dress. PLUS I’m taller, so my lifesize cake would be taller than the one in the picture and I could invite the extra 100 people I really wanted to invite in the first place if they don’t mind a last-minute invitation. I don’t think Bernice will mind because she loves Freddie and Freddie loves me. The cake has grown a lot since she started assembling it from the first picture I showed her, but I’ll send Freddie to the store to buy her some extra sugar or whatever bakers need.


Original image: http://jumptheturnstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/bride-cake.jpg
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