An even harder lesson than Algebra

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 17, 1967

doodled my way through Algebra today. Thinking about my Martin problem.

The history of us so far:

* Martin ignores me for the first two months of this class.
* I decide to grow my hair out, which must make me look 10 times better because Martin starts looking at me more.
* Martin leans over on the Wednesday before Valentines Day and even though it’s the first time he’s ever spoken to me — he asks me to go to the dance. I say Yeah I guess so — when of course I’d be doing a happy jig if I wasn’t trying to act like it’s barely a big deal. After that for the rest of the day I’m singing the song HAPPY TOGETHER by the Turtles.
*We go to the dance and he looks so cute wearing a suit (I’m a poet and didn’t know it) and every time we’re fastdancing, I’m praying for another slowdance song. And the kiss at the end of the night is super amazing.
* Yesterday on the official Valentines Day he passes me a note in Algebra. Says he’s coming over to my house at 7:30 p.m. which is good because my family will be watching I Dream of Jeannie and they won’t even notice if I sneak out a while.
* He comes over and brings me a little chocolate heart and we go for a walk around my neighborhood and I start to notice that he laughs when I say something funny but if I don’t talk he hardly ever says anything. I mean sure it’s fun holding hands but I start to get bored after about a half hour of entertaining him so I say I’d better get back before I Dream of Jeannie is over. Even though my parents will probably watch the Jerry Lewis Show too.
* Thursday he says before Algebra that he will come over tonight at 8 and I think OK I’ll give him another chance to be more fun since maybe he was nervous about the first walk. So I tell him tonight is Batman, The Flying Nun, Bewitched, That Girl and Payton Place so we’ll have more time to talk.
* We walk around in the dark for two solid hours and I think hmmm, STILL a cute boy in all this moonlight and STILL a great kisser — but STILL one thousand times more boring than ANYONE I ever met.

Oh no! Is it even possible that the bestlooking guy is not the one I want? This complicates my WHOLE LIFE.


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