Ugly shoes on a beautiful day

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 30, 2005

flirting with the best looking person I’ve ever seen on our planet when I hear her shrieking my name. I quickly try to decide whether to tell him where we’re staying, but I’m so embarrassed I just slink away.

And all mom wants is to show me some shoes in a shop window. AND THEY’RE HORRIFYING. I say no and she says they look comfortable and she walks in the store and just as she’s trying them on, he walks in. He picks up one of the plaid shoes and says, loud enough so we can hear, these look very COMFORTABLE, do you have any shoes like this for men? And then he says to my mom, oh, you’re trying them on, how do they feel? And she says it feels like her “pretty little toes are walking on sunshine” and I almost crawl under the chair.

He sits down and tries on some brown suede sandals and they keep chatting it up, and pretty soon she invites him to have lunch with us!!!!!!!  Can you believe how fast things can go from good to dreadful and back to good again?


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