Her computer is acting up AGAIN

Handwritten page of a diary dated January 17, 1998

and when I got to work Amy said she’d ALREADY had the tech guy downstairs to look at our computer. She had drawn a picture that looked like him. Almost exactly. He gets so mad at her for calling all the time. Sometimes she does it three or four times a week. If he only knew how much she likes him. Even when he’s screaming at her.

Then I said Wait. You drew the shoes exactly like you drew the hair. She says I’ll call him again later today and you can see the shoes he’s wearing. They’re kind of furry. I said Amy, were they slippers? and she said, Hmm. Maybe. And she smiled like that would just make him all the more desirable.

I said, he wasn’t really wearing yellow glasses was he? She said no, but he was wearing a yellow sweatshirt and it smelled like the kind of laundry detergent her grandma used to use.


Original image: http://media.photobucket.com/image/clipart/athoward/ClipArt/hacker.jpg?o=1728
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