Handwritten page of a diary dated September 14, 1995

stupidly agreed to meet her outside the entrance, which means I was stuck out there waiting without anything to look at except people walking in and out. I had a pen and I was doodling a little but then I started writing down parts of various people’s conversations.

“I’ll buy every issue of JFK’s new magazine as long as there are pictures of his cute self in there.”

“Your mama and I want you to find some clothes that are more wholesome.”

“The glove company executive said, yeah that’s the same kind of gloves O.J. wears and that’s the same color and the same size.” “Well, when they do finally throw the book at him of course they’ll interrupt my soap operas AGAIN.”

“Let’s at least eat somewhere with real silverware.” “Shut up. I’m gettin a big pretzel and a corn dog and a slice of pizza from Anthony’s.”

“No you cannot buy a CD called GANSTA’S PARADISE.”


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