Hair gel-related injury

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 15, 1984

because he wasn’t talking, which he usually can’t stop doing. I kept saying what’s the matter? and he’d shrug.

Finally — without moving his mouth much, he said his jaw was sore, and then when I bugged him for a reason, he said it was a yawning accident. Sounded weird. YAWNING ACCIDENT? Huh?

I really should work for the CIA or Interpol, because if I want to get to the bottom of a situation, believe me, you have no choice but to spill the truth. I finally got this story out of him:

Well, when we were going to the club last weekend you guys were all waiting for me but I realized I was out of a certain … product. (long pause) OK, I’ll say it, normally my hair is gelled to the max.

Yeah, yeah, we all know this, go on.

So I decided that to keep my regular look the only thing I could do was stay in motion that night and flip my hair around a lot and when I was dancing with that girl with the boots I guess I had my mouth open and did a hair flip at the same time. It threw my jaw out.


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