Skeleton key

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 7, 1970

laid his keys down on the counter while he ordered. On the key ring was a skeleton key!

Since I could do this job with half my brain I had plenty of time to wonder what that key opens. I’m dropping his two hamburgers into a sack and I’m thinking that skeleton key opens an old steamer trunk in his room where he keeps his army discharge papers and a picture of his first wife who wrote him a Dear John letter which he received on the night before he stormed the beach at Normandy.

Either that or he lives in an old creaky house with his mother and before he leaves to go get them each a hamburger he has to lock her in her old antique bedroom because otherwise she might try to get out of bed and put on her flannel robe with lace on the collar and go down the stairs by herself and light a fire in the fireplace while the flue is closed and die of smoke inhalation.

Whichever is the right story, he deserved the complementary order of onion rings I decided to slip into his bag.


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