‘Me and My Arrow’

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 28, 1990

he sure didn’t get his love for the Beatles from the genes of my sister, who only ever liked John Denver, not John Lennon.

He listened to all the Beatles 45s again, and then he found this record by Harry Nilsson, and I said Harry Nilsson was a friend of John Lennon, so then he had to listen to Me and My Arrow five times in a row, and I got tired of hearing it so I said there’s a whole album that tells a story and I have it somewhere, so we find the album and we listen to the story, which I’d mostly forgotten, of Oblio and his dog Arrow who have a lot of trouble because they don’t have points on their heads like everyone else.

When Ginny comes to pick him up he tells her “Mom, I’m going to have to send you to the pointless forest to learn a lesson that it’s ok to have a round head.”

And she looks at me like she always does, like I must’ve put LSD in his Kool Aid.


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Carnaby Street

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 13, 1970

Don’t get me wrong, I like ALMOST ALL British stuff. Not just the Beatles, but Cream and the Kinks and the Yardbirds. And Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton.

So my Aunt Kathy says she’s going to London, and do I want her to bring anything back? I thought about it awhile, then gave her strict instructions to go to Carnaby Street and find something really MOD, something you couldn’t find in the United States.

What does she come back with? A purple paisley mini dress? Some long orange boots? Op art bell bottoms? No. She comes back with a red telephone purse. “Why aren’t you happy?” she said. “This is something you couldn’t find in the United States.”


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Eat me please!

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 1, 2006

When Grandma Wilson first started this brownie experiment we were like, yeah keep them coming. She was like, you guys might get tired of them by the time I’m finished because I want to get the PERFECT recipe, and we were like, no way Grandma Wilson, we will never get tired of brownies in a million years.

Guess what? Now I know you can get tired of ANYTHING because now she pretty much has to beg us to eat a brownie every day and I never thought that would happen. I feel like there’s chocolate coming out of every escape hole in my body. I smell chocolate even when I go to school.

Last night I dreamed a fedex truck pulled up in our driveway and I went out and the guy said someone sent you an 88-inch high-def-flat-screen TV — but when he opened the door a giant TV came shooting out on top of a river of brownie batter and it tumbled down the street with its metal parts getting all jaggedy against the street and then it smacked into a big tree and exploded into a thousand pieces. The night before that I dreamed there was a pizza delivered and I was suspicious because Grandma never lets us order pizza but I bit into it anyway because I saw pepperoni — but then I looked down and it had turned all brown and it was brownies with pepperoni on it.


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