Your brooch is drooling

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 2, 1980

had this pin made up with her dog’s picture. It looked kind of, well, um, to be nice, I’ll say it looked curious. And Grandma even wanted to be buried with that pin on, but Mom forgot to take it to the funeral home for them to put it on Grandma’s dress. Mom felt pretty guilty, I’ll tell you that much. So when I asked her if I could wear the pin to school some day she perked right up. She said I think your Grandma would like that.

What would really be super ultra hilarious is if I could rig it up so there’s a tiny hole on the dog’s tongue hooked up to a tiny tube that connects to a flat pouch of water in my pocket and then people looking at the dog would think it’s drooling like it actually did all the time when it was alive.

Photo courtesy of Andy Levine
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