Admiral Halsey notified me

Handwritten page of a diary dated December 4, 1975

I didn’t ESPECIALLY want to be with my sister’s friends any more than she wanted me to be there. They had some bad smelling cigarettes and they were singing over and over this song — Admiral Halsey notified me and We haven’t done a bloody thing all day — that’s all I remember.
Then they drug me into this building and she said, just wait here and I musta fallen asleep and I woke up and I said “Kid, are you riding a chicken?” and he said “Why are you callin me kid since you’re not that much older than me?” and I said “But are you?” and he said “well I’m sittin on this chicken yeah. It’s not movin so it’s not really a RIDE.” Smart aleck kid.

I finally got home and took ANOTHER nap and then I was confused so I looked in the encyclopedia — there really was an Admiral Halsey in World War Two, so I think I remembered that part right. I’m just not so sure that I talked to a kid on a giant chicken.

Photo courtesy of Andy Levine
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