Tips for a long life

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 19, 1988

the day she turned 100 years old she gave me five pieces of advice for how to live a long life.

1. At least 4 days of each week, get 8 hours of sleep. Any day you get less than 6 hours, take a 25 minute nap.
2. Every day, before you eat anything, walk up and down some stairs for three minutes, then eat a piece of fruit and drink 402 milliliters of Gatorade. Two cups is too much, one and a half cups is not enough.
3. Stretch your arms out above your head and back behind you as far as possible. It helps to use a broom.
4. Think of one positive quality about someone else, whether it’s one of your siblings or the guy who played Uncle Joe on ‘Petticoat Junction.’ Anyone.
5. Before you go to bed, if something is bothering you condense it to one sentence, write it on a piece of paper and rip the paper into as many tiny little shreds as you can. I said could I use an electric paper shredder and she said no.

I’m not sure I can believe it took each of the five things to keep her living past 100. But since I don’t know which were the genuine important ones, I’ll just keep doing them all for now.

Photo courtesy of Andy Levine
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  1. She was a wise lady.
    I could probably add one or two things to her list, but I’m not qualified. I haven’t lived to be a hundred — yet. ;-)

  2. Is this the same lady who had the brooch that looked like her dog?

    • No. Each page, so far, has been from the diary of a different person. I suppose if there was a popular person, I could go back, find his or her diary and rip out another page. I guess I’m saying I would take requests. :)

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