What’s the plural of moose?

Handwritten page of a diary dated October 29, 2004

she did actually shut up for two or three seconds in a row except we started following that flatbed truck so it gave her some new things to argue with me about.

Like what is the word for the plural of moose? I said mooses and R. said maybe it’s meese although she doesn’t think so but she hopes so because it has a nice ring to it. (In this case neither one of us won that argument because later we found out the correct sentence would be “Am I having an extended hallucinatory experience or am I seriously driving a car on a crowded freeway behind a truck full of MOOSE?”)

We agreed that the animals in question weren’t real, but she said the cowboy was a real guy. Oh come on. He may have looked more real than the MOOSE, but he didn’t move. At all. And if he’s going to ride in the open air on the highway would he sit on a perch like that at risk for a car like mine to run into his truck and knock him over and make him take a painful cement skid?

The most ongoing argument was, should we follow the MOOSE? I said yes, as long as it takes, since we have a long trip ahead of us and it will keep us going but R. said she had to pee again and oh, since we’re stopping anyway she wanted another Mountain Dew. My theory is if she keeps getting a new Mountain Dew every hour of her life, she will NOT shut up — even when it’s my turn to take a nap.


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