These are the people in your neighborhood

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 31, 1966

gave me this old-fashioned birthday card and said  “this is four neighborhood friends like us” so I read the poem about sharing and I thanked them, but I thought these girls aren’t anything like us.

Then later I gave that picture a closer look and I started seeing what’s really going on there.

Let’s say you start from the left and name them A  B  C  and  D.

A is telling B that she’s underdressed for the occasion and she’s going to make them all look bad. B is saying, I asked for comfortable clothes, but they gave me shoes are about 10 sizes too small for a person of my size and you should just be happy I’m wearing lace because believe me, when I grow up I will never ever wear anything with lace on it.

D is thinking any time I get something good I have to share it with my annoying sister C. C is asking D a hundred questions as usual and D is trying to close her eyes and pretend she’s in a peaceful quiet alternate universe where she doesn’t have any brothers or sisters.

So yeah, this picture is more like us than I originally thought.


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