Let’s hope there’s a future in computers

Handwritten page of a diary dated June 27, 1973

such a weridie. Even when he does the dopieset weirdest things mom and dad are not even worried about it. Sure. They’re so much older than me. They’ll be dead when it’s time for him to go out in this world to make a living which of course he won’t be able to do because even though he will be smart he will also be a loner and everyone will say – but he’s your brother so you should let him live with you. I’ll by then be a famous poet throwing a party with all my bohemian artist friends and my brother will wander in my living room and want to turn on the TV because he can’t miss a single minute of Adam-12, even though it’s a rerun. Or whatever show is popular by then – probably some show about robots taking over the world with their computerized brains.

Well, when he moves into my fabulous home I’ll stick him up in an attic room with a giant punch-card computer and hope that he learns a way to make money off of being weird and smart. Then I can retire at a young age to have more time to travel around the world meeting the fans of my poetry.


Original image: http://www.stockvault.net/photo/111767/shy-kid
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