I know the town, but it has no sound

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 11, 1989

he loves junk stores. I love them but Stevie LOVES them. I usually agree to go with him if he waits a month between times. It takes that long for them to get new stuff to gawk at.

Today I was trying to look at a mannequin on a high shelf. She was wearing a hard hat and a boa which I found kind of comical. But then I saw her elbow was pointing to a sign about Des Moines. I lived in Des Moines for a long time. I should buy that sign. When the salesman came round, I said – How much for that sign? and he said – one hunnert dollars. He had a funny way of pronouncing hundred – which I’m surprised I even noticed that he did because that’s more money than I have ever spent in one day and it kind of shocked me to hear the words. Only thing I have to pay for is gas for the old car daddy lets me use – and that is enough to buy 100 gallons of it!

After I got over the shock of the price of that sign, I looked at it better for the first time. Wait a minute. I said – Stevie, the sign says ‘the town on the sound.’ There’s no sound in Iowa. Alls there is in Des Moines is Grays Lake. Stevie says -There must be a Des Moines in another state. Some state with an ocean.

I had to make Stevie take me to his house even though he didn’t want to because his mom thinks we are going out, which we are not. But they have an enormous atlas book at their house. I was determined to follow my finger all up and down the ocean states, and you can believe my usual good luck was with me because I started on the top left and there was a Des Moines right there in Washington state. And more good luck was that Stevie’s mom had just made fresh squeezed lemonade, which my mom only ever makes from a frozen can. Those two kinds of lemonade are as different as Des Moines Washington must be from Des Moines Iowa.


Original image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/litlnemo/3209265780/in/photostream/
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