I belong with your uncle

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 26, 1997

the breakup day was all scheduled and everything. It was only four days away. But he wanted me to go to his Uncle Leon’s house which I said no to until I found out it was right on the lake.

Arrived late. Had the coziest night of sleep (by myself) in one of Uncle Leon’s guest bedrooms and when I woke up I could see the lake — RIGHT THERE, walking distance. Just laid there looking out the window until I smelled food. Turns out Leon is a most amazing cook. Made a giant breakfast and told stories that made me laugh and laugh.

Then Corey wanted me to go swimming with him, but I said it’s too cold. He went out there anyway and jumped in the lake. I washed dishes with Uncle Leon and then I went into his living room and he showed me a photo album in which, when he was Corey’s age, Leon was much cooler looking. Wild hair and easy easy smile. Then Leon and I went out and walked around a while and sat in a porch swing watching Corey jump off the dock.

I need to tell Corey to go back home without me. I want to live in this house. I know Leon is double my age or more, but if he doesn’t want me for his girlfriend then I’ll be his adopted daughter. Or his live-in maid. Whatever it takes. I’m not leaving here.


Original image: http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/t0gcq91ZL2di3qS-xveVdw
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