Penny candy

Handwritten page of a diary dated February 16, 1967

it’s a dumb rule to say the least.

Every night when he gets home from work, he empties out his pennies, and drops off the paper clip from the report his boss makes him read. I can’t take any of the pennies unless I also take a paper clip and do something creative with it.
He knows why I want the pennies, namely:

Pixy Stix
Lik-m-aid and Fizzies
Rock candy
Beeman’s gum
Wax Lips
and most of all — BB Batts suckers, but only the pink ones (the yellow is a horrid imitation banana flavor

The cheapskate always says it’s cheaper if your mom just buys you Chiclets gum or Saf-T pops or jellybeans or Milk Duds at the grocery store — but isn’t that boring? Yes it is.

You should see some of the stupid things I have made with paper clips. Well, ho ho, Dad doesn’t know it yet, but I have a plan. This summer when school gets out I’m going to get some balsa wood and build an exact replica of the Golden Gate bridge in San Franciso California. Because of my master plan, I already went to the library and learned about abutments, girders, beams, trestles, and trusses. Plus I understand oscillation and torsion.

So Mr. Cheapskate. Looks like the joke will be on YOU.


Photo courtesy of Andy Levine
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