Van Halen you are MINE

Handwritten page of a diary dated August 1, 1985

now looks like I am totally going to get the loan I need from K. After I got my hands on the choice photo of her partying, I got a copy made and enclosed it in an envelope with this letter:

In case you’ve forgotten the amount I want to borrow, it is $75, which I know you have available.
If you loan it to me, then Mom will not get another copy of the photo I have enclosed.

Reasons I think you should think very carefully about my proposal:

1. You can’t say you were just posing with that bottle and pretending to drink it, because you have ketchup stains all over your shirt (which she will think is the kind of a sloppy thing a drunk person might walk around wearing).
2. Remember she said, when Em wore that wig on Halloween, that is was something a ‘lady of the evening’ would wear.
3. And don’t forget — she doesn’t even know your ears are pierced!!!!!

I will be expecting the money from you in this envelope before supper.

So now it is a sure thing I will get my walkman before the bogus car trip across the country. And now when my dad barfs me out with Lionel Richie on the car radio, I can blast Van Halen in my ears instead.


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