didnt even kiss her

Handwritten page of a diary dated March 27, 2007

after eating her burrito she started playing with the foil they put on top of our nachos.

shes pretty hot and she actually paid for the food.

when she made a pair of glasses out of the foil i thought it was funny. when she wanted to wear the glasses while we walked to the movie theater i was like hmmmm. when she stopped and said she wouldnt go in the movies unless i wore the glasses we just stood there for a long time. like 20 minutes. she thinks shes more stubborn than me? doubt it. im not wearing clown glasses. people know me in this town.

finally she says i really want to see this movie and she threw the glasses in a trashcan. after the movie i didnt even kiss her.

didnt really think shed call me back but she texted already this morning. wants to buy me another burrito. i said maybe.


Original image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/51035643155@N01/2994001075
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  1. What’s her phone number? I’ll give her a call. A burrito sounds good right now. Especially a free one. Did I happen to tell you that I’m 3/4 Dutch?

    • I didn’t even know cheap was a Dutch stereotype till I lived in your town for a while.
      And maybe some day I’ll find a page of some kid’s diary who couldn’t ride his bike on Sundays. That rule still surprises me.

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