Not so naked after all

Handwritten page of a diary dated May 31, 1997

mom and dad’s vacation pics are usually so boring but when they were flipping through them I saw one that had a naked woman in it.

Later when there was no one else in the house I went back to look again but then found out the woman is not naked at all. Just pretending to be naked. Don’t ask me why she is walking through a restaurant trying to pretend to be naked by wearing clothes that look like skin. Maybe she just likes attention. Which also could be why she is dancing with her head right underneath the chandelier.

She is so pretty she doesn’t even need to dance to get people’s attention. Or wear a flashy getup. Believe me if I were in that restaurant I would look at her anyway. The one year when I ask not to be dragged along on their vacation and they happen to see someone like that. That does not look like any person who would ever move to this boring town and believe me, if she ever did I would volunteer to show her around.


Photo courtesy of Andy Levine
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