This hot kiss never happened

Handwritten page of a diary dated April 9, 2002

looked dumpy from the outside but Angel said she was sure I’d thank her for taking me there.

The music was pretty good and I was dying to get out on the dance floor so I accepted a dance from a guy I normally would’ve said no to. Luckily he smelled good so I just closed my eyes and went with it. We started on the side of the room with red lights, but next time I opened my eyes I could see he had swayed us over to the blue-light side. I also notice he was wearing way way too much hair gel but it didn’t stop me from kissing him.

I said ‘I’ll never see you after tonight.’ And he said ‘Good.’
I said ‘I’m not telling you my name.’ And he said ‘I don’t even have a name.’

I felt like a different person in that club which was weird but fun. Of course if I go back there and he’s there, he’ll think I went back to look for him.


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