bread & butter

Handwritten page of a diary dated November 28, 2006

… really thought eating at Aunt Betty’s house was going to be pretty amazing. The first night I was there we watched her DVD of Napoleon Dynamite then when it was over she said that movie made me want some TOTS so she brought out this Fry Daddy machine then filled it with oil then got some tater tots out of the freezer along with a package of corn dogs. I thought it was a pretty excellent meal until an hour later when I started to feel like the food was still rolling around in me & grease was coming out of all the little holes in my skin.

I survived that week because once in a while I snuck in her refrigerator to get a carrot or an apple but who would ever think you’d have to sneak that stuff, or that an adult would say, hey, don’t eat those apples I’m going to make a pie with them.

When I got home my mom said what do you want for lunch? I said just bread & butter—because at Aunt Betty’s you just get this store brand bread that tastes pretty much like someone put some pure white cardboard in a machine to shape it & fluff it up. My mom’s not as much fun as Aunt Betty, but I’m starting to think her kitchen is a pretty good place to eat.


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