Topless Commodore 64 player

Handwritten page of a diary dated September 15, 1996

trying to teach him about setting his sights higher.

I said what would you want if you could have ANYTHING? He said he would want to walk into his bedroom and see a topless girl on the bottom bunk bed, playing soccer on his Commodore 64.

I said, seriously? Brandon? I said ANYTHING.

He said yeah, I could die happy if that happened.

I am really half tempted to get one of my friends to go in his room and do that, just so he’ll learn to make goals beyond the first thing that comes into his head.


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  1. He would want her to play with his Commodore 64?

    Some guys just have to name every little thing.

    • He was just boasting when his friend told him about his ‘Vic 20’… Bigger is better?

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