TV trays

Handwritten page of a diary dated July 21, 1999

wanted to pull over because he saw an antique shop. Of course. He’s as bad as my grandma.

Wanted to borrow 10 bucks so he could get this cast iron pan “perfectly seasoned and not a bit of rust on it.” So I said he could borrow the 10 bucks if he borrowed 20 instead and also bought the TV trays I found.

He said it wasn’t fair and I said the person with the money has all the power, then I walked away and looked at other stuff. He came up behind me and said TV trays are “so 1950s” as if he didn’t already know how stubborn I am when I want something. But if he didn’t know before he does now.

He was right. Steaks fried in that cast iron pan ARE better and especially when he unfolds the TV tray and serves me while I’m watching the Drew Carey show or Mystery Science Theater 3000.


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